It is breathtaking to hear and listen to someone talk about their dreams– be it who they want to be, what they want to achieve and simply what brings joy and peace to their heart is music to my ears, and maybe “music” to all my senses.

Have you ever observed people talk about what brings them joy? Try looking at their eyes, there’s a certain sense of confidence and trust and if you’re lucky enough to see it, a sparkle or a twinkle in their eyes.
There’s a certain excitement in their voice, and it reflects in the timbre of the story and the rate it goes, as their story progresses. If you would notice their hands, it goes in all directions, as if they cannot contain the positive energy that comes off as they talk about their dreams, the people they love, and what brings them joy.

It is quite addicting, especially when you get to hear AHA moments, and hearing them talk about themselves, their journey of self discovery, and self love.

It is only then that you realize that you have had an encounter with the soul of that person, their full being. It is only then that you see how beautiful people are, and that you are, as well.



If there’s something I’m passionate about, I realized, it’s about caring for other people. And I mean this in a general sense — or maybe more of education and health. 

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend about the RH Bill and I felt so alive, talking and typing and expressing myself. 

(DISCLAIMER: I do not represent anyone’s thoughts but mine.)

Oh and add to that passion is me loving God. And honoring the God in me. 

I just felt that the issue was getting too out of hand and that if there was any real concern for these people, for the Filipino people who needs this bill, I think the more important thing is to show real concern. And this message that I relayed out to my friend, is a message to me too.

I felt really alive fighting for what I believe in, but at the end of the day, do the people concerned feel that I care for them? I started asking myself this question. Do they even care about what I know? 

And then it hit me. 

People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. 

Do they know how much I care? Or do they just hear me giving out facts? 

And I asked myself, how can I show that I care? 

And then it hit me. I’m telling you, public world of the internet, I was afraid to say what I wanted really, because I know that I really want it and that when I say it out loud, there’s no turning back. 

I found it something I did all my life, wherein I found no effort in doing so, it was play time for me. It was something normal, something I was used to doing, and without realizing it, I was leading myself toward that path. 

Caring for others, and teaching them how to care for themselves. 

— that’s what I’m passionate about. 

And that late night conversation last night, maybe it was a wake up call. 

A wake up call to start caring, and start teaching.