I accept

Today I swallowed a big courage pill.

It was a regular work day, and I was on my long journey to work. I was praying the rosary in the bus and just felt myself let go. No need to perfect how I say the rosary, I know I was praying for safety. I was just relaxed and I wanted to just be.

I was listening to the radio after I was just feeling that today was extra hot and that there was nothing really wrong with it.

It was typically a normal day. I was even proud of myself for being able to share my umbrella with someone I didn’t know.

I kindof knew I would be spending quite some time in the bank, so I decided to text message someone I serve with at the Edsa Shrine. I swallowed my pride — being right and looking good and I asked for support, if she knows if there is an opening at the hospital where she works. And her answer was simple and asked me to send her my resume, so I did.

I was feeling really excited and nervous and also simply surrendered to whatever will happen. If God wills it, then so be it.

I went on with my day, spending the afternoon with one of my best friends. We had lunch, talked about life and just how we’re journeying right now.

And then, it became a series of blessedness. Series of lucky events.
1. My friend and I had lunch because my cue number for the bank was 251 and they were only serving 205.
When I went back, I was the one next.
2. I trusted my gut and peed before going to the next bank.
3. Fast transaction with the next bank.
4. Found telefax and scanner
5. Gizmo problem was raised.

I was feeling pretty proud and confident. I felt that I was taking charge of my life, not allowing just circumstances to take over. I even got affirmed by someone i called from this certain hospital because I was showing commitment.

So I was just feeling really lucky that my parents were in the same area that I was and they waited for me before we all went home.

I never knew what my courage and trust could do.

While in the car, an unknown number called my dad. And it was for me.

The hospital I submitted my requirements to called up to ask if I was available for an exam and interview tomorrow.

Of course, the obvious answer is, YES!

I am feeling pretty psyched and blessed and extremely grateful.

I am ready, and I accept all the blessings, Lord.

And to think I just told myself today that it’s time I take initiative and stop complaining.

And everything fell into place.

You are magnificent, Lord!!!


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