You are the one, yeaaaah.

 So my last post stirred so much in me. I’ve been asking people how they best express themselves through art. It’s really making me think where I can best express myself. I’m so used in using words but right now, I want to do something different. 

Talked with a really good friend last night and talking with him made me realize how much i care about what other people think, if they approve of me. The sinking realization that I only needed my own approval. 

I approve of you, Bea! 

*woah, that gave shudders. Good feelings tho* 

So I’ll be experimenting with art, and I hope I can put it here as I document that journey. I’m thinking of photography and painting. Sudden surge of painting feelings! Also writing songs. I was singing a song to myself earlier today, so maybe that’s a golden sign. 

I’ll never know, but I’m happy I’m able to express more. 🙂 



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