Throwback Tuesday

I was browsing through my old notes and I saw this:

‘m always missing people. I have this tendency to get really attached to the people I get close with.
It’s not a big problem, really. Just that I always tend to miss people.


I never thought that I’d be really attached to the chorale family. I remember joining it because I really wanted to support Cha, who was one of my favorite classmates because she’s awesome (HI CHA). I remember our class writing in that petition because we really want to support her in bringing the chorale back. 4th year came and I was true to my word, I auditioned. And I never thought I would commit as much to the chorale.

I remember telling my friend that I wanted to bring back or re-recognize my talents, and trying out for chorale was part of it. I thought i fulfilled something for myself, but then I realized that I didn’t just do it for myself, to find myself again with my talents and whatelse, but it was because I wanted to be part of a family in the college I am in.

I remember having a talk with RJ and he was telling me that he always felt at home and felt the family vibe all the time. I was sitting there, in awe with what he said, and then I realized how much I FELT that family vibe as well. I suddenly realized that it was the group of people I was extremely comfortable being myself with, even if I knew them for a short time only.

There’s always magic in music, and this magic I experienced all year round.

Himig came and practices were more often. I remember that everytime I write in my planner, I would always write something about loving our practices, whatever it may result to. Himig Day came and it was magical. I felt that we were one, we were one family, and whatever happens, that matters. Win or lose, we would still win, because we had each other.

After himig, all I could see on facebook was I miss yous and pictures where we would make chat rooms because we hardly saw each other as regularly as it were during our practices. We had 1 last performance. Our conductress’ recital. That one person who believed in us always, whose pure, good heart made us whole, for she never stopped believing in us. I think that’s a big factor why we all love each other.

Yesterday was our last official day, and I can’t help but cry. I’ve been in the chorale for only a year and it’s really memorable. It’s the cherry on top of my college experience. You guys are my family in the college of nursing and I’m happy I chose to be with you guys more. It’s actually not sinking in that we’re leaving, seriously. Probably because I know that as a family, even if we’re apart, we’re still with each other, whatever happens. 

What breaks my heart is the physical separation. But it’s okay. For those who love us never really leave us, right? 🙂

I love you Nursing Chorale. Far longer than forever, to the moon and back and back again. 🙂


I write goddamn well. 😉


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