The Love Month Series (February 1, 2013)

This is the continuation of what I wrote about February 1. This is what happened during the rest of the day. 

I feel blessed to have felt God’s love all over the day. I was able to give myself time to rest and I was able to be on time as well. I can say that God’s grace overflowed in me that day. I felt myself to be so free in a state of Grace and of love. 

I was blessed to have work that evening, a dinner with people from the twitterverse because these people wanted to pick the mind of my boss. I enjoyed the dinner, the friendly banter and the witty, in depth opinions of these people, who represented different sectors of society. I literally learned so much — religions, politics, basketball.. Name it, we talked about it. I really enjoyed being there and just enjoying the company of people I barely knew. 

I was compelled to share something to this kid (Yes, I talk like I’m sooo old) when he shared about something related to the faith, religion and spirituality. I felt the same way he did, probably in a different way, but I really resonated. I took the opportunity to talk to him and shared with him, hopefully without me forcing myself to be right, what I went through, and probably my side regarding some things he couldn’t fully comprehend regarding the Catholic faith. 

I could feel his resistance, that is without a doubt. It was evident on how he was acting, and with what he was saying. I remember feeling like I was on fire, like someone else was speaking on behalf of me, because seriously, I cannot even remember what I was saying. Though I felt that his heart was slowly opening up to what I was saying. 

What I remember saying is this:

“Maybe, why these things are happening is that no one is fighting for it as much anymore.” 

And suddenly, I saw something different in him. Like there was warmth in his eyes, and all walls went down. He said, 

“I hope I get to experience what you did, and discover that, too.

I felt really good, and proud of myself. I felt like I was able to do what I was asking God if I was capable of doing.

I felt so aligned at that moment, that I knew that everything happens for a reason. Everything has its own place, its own time. 

I am so proud of me. 



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