The Love Month Series. (February 1, 2013)

I never imagined that February would be the love month, also for me. I’m not expecting a big kind of love gesture, like something romantic. I never expected to experience love this BIG at the start of February.

Today, I was invited to commentate for Mother Goose Gradeschool’s 1st Communion and Confirmation affair. I was excited, nervous and a bit pissed off for coming in early. I wanted to sleep more, but we needed to be there early.

So I brought a book with me and was just reading and reading, til my dad told me that Fr Soc was in the sacristy already. I was kinda excited and nervous to see him because I wanted to talk to him about some things that I couldn’t bring myself to say.

Seeing him again made me feel God’s presence. I felt God’s grace enveloping me fully, and for some reason, I felt that I need not ask what I wanted to ask. I heard the answer.

I saw my tita who was suffering from cancer and she went there to have herself blessed by Fr Soc. While waiting for her to be finished, my mom, my aunt’s mom and sister were waiting for her. They were talking lightly til they started crying, and suddenly, I felt this overwhelming love they had for my tita. They just didn’t know how to express it.
I was at a lost for words, so I decided to go out.

Entering the church, I felt a surge of overwhelming love, joy and just the grace of God that I couldn’t escape. Children were excited, I could see proud parents and the teachers who prepared them for it were also as excited and proud. Suddenly, someone gave me a gift, a thank you token for me being there. I could feel the overflowing love.

And then the celebration began. I don’t know what was going on, but since the start, I felt myself welling up. I constantly had tears in my eyes. I felt the love and joy of the children, especially the children who were mainstreamed. They were just so excited to receive God. I couldn’t get over it. The joy was radiating with their every move.

Fr soc’s homily struck me immensely that I couldn’t help but cry earlier. He was talking to the children, asking them what they will be answering when he says, “The Body of Christ” and “Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit”. And the children would answer, “amen!” And he asks, “Do you know what Amen means?”

He then started to explain what Amen meant. 
Amen meant 3 things: 
1. I adore – when you say Amen, you adore God. You praise God and it’s simply saying, I love God. (Forgive me, I do not clearly remember this part) 
2. I accept – when we say Amen, we open our arms and accept God’s love in our lives. We embrace this love and make it part of our lives. 
3. I announce – a declaration of faith that as you say amen, you announce the greatness of God’s love to everyone.

This brought tears to my eyes. It was explained so simply, yet it helped me remember how Great God’s love is.


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