Amazing Tuesday

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days of my life. I feel so proud of myself for doing something that crazy, real, passionate, courageous and spontaneous.

So what did I do? I auditioned for Miss Saigon. (Yes, without theater experience OR ANYTHING AT ALL, I just wanted to).

I just feel so overwhelmed by my love for myself, allowing myself to express that love. I feel really proud.

It wasn’t about the audition at all. It was more of allowing myself and pushing myself to do something I’ve never done before. (Yes, chorale auditions are still auditions, but this one felt really different for me.

And I know I screwed up the singing part because I was so nervous, but I felt so happy after wards because I felt that I allowed myself not to be perfect, and it was awesome. I just feel so proud.

And I allowed myself to celebrate with laughter, with a friend, with milk tea, and with me being extremely lucky.

I now feel that I can do anything. As crazy as it sounds. And as real as it is. Because I can.

I remember praying the night before, saying, “Lord, let this be a manifestation of who I am, my audition tomorrow.”

And I was, I was the manifestation of my spiritual contract.

Yesterday, what made it awesome, is that I was not afraid to try, nor was I afraid to fail.

Kudos to me.

Be not afraid.


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