Interesting and very remarkable this Sunday was.

Sunday is always family day. Aaaand we always start the day with a mass. So earlier today, when we went to mass, I was so restless, my mind and heart were not saying the same things. I felt so lost in prayer, and kept trying to look for signs for me to come back and just pray again.

Then I remembered something my friend told me.

“Take a breath”.

So i took several deep breaths, and guess what.

I heard God talking to me. He said, “Bea, don’t worry. I will provide.” I heard it, LOUD AND CLEAR. And I just started welling up and almost crying. I just couldn’t believe how hard I was trying to listen when God’s message was always there.

This year is the year of faith, and I’m blessed to have experienced small miracles like this.

Later on, during the same mass, there was this song that the choir sung. And I was listening. And i heard my dad. This was his song. And then I remembered God’s message for me. It extended up to that song. I really cried hearing it.

Sometimes I try so hard. I really do, and the lesson is actually, surrender.

And take a breath.


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