Jump In To LIfe

Every body jump in to life!

This line of the song has caught my attention.. and my heart.

I have been in and out of seminars for the past 3 weeks and I have been on a seminar jargon language mode, especially in my head, and I’m really grateful.

Grateful because if not for it, I would still be in denial that i have been in a fog for the longest time. I am not sure how long, but I know that i have been making false choices for the longest time, and I was in a “give up” situation. I am grateful for that talk with a good friend of mine, 3 weeks ago. He kinda got me out of the fog, and helped clear the haziness.

What was hazy? I can’t really put it into words, but what was clear was that I have forgotten who I am. And I have equated myself with this person who saw her worth to what she brought in, to what she weighed, to what who she was career wise.

I am so blessed to have remembered who I am. Apparently, the whole family was going through that journey too. And after remembering who I am, the greatest thing happened.

I jumped into my life.

Suddenly, everything fell into place. I did things i never thought I’d do. I joined this contest and I won and I got to go to this international youth leadership roundtable with Up With People. I met amazing people all over the world, and got re-introduced to social entrepreneurship. I also met Chris Lao, and I saw how amazing it is that there are people in this world believing in the power of the youth and connectedness. Amazing, amazing experience. What Bruce told me got reaffirmed — like how the youth gravitates toward me, effortlessly. And apparently, it is true.

I was also able to facilitate and market START! 🙂 SUCCESS TOOLS AND ROADMAPS FOR TEENS! I am so proud of me for stepping up and allowing myself to be real and comfortable and creating something for myself! Another validation of my spiritual contract.

Right now, I am opening myself to all possibilities. Anything and everything is possible. I am young, I am free and I am a passionate woman, inspiring the youth of the world, with love and joy, NOW.




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