Its Always Darkest Before The Dawn

This line has been my favorite from the song “Shake it Out” by Florence and The Machines. I was always thinking that maybe, one reason why I resonated so much is that because of the word dawn, since I associate myself with light.

Little did I know, I was going through some darkness of my own. It’s still hard for me to swallow. I was at such a low point that I associated my worth to the amount of money I was making. (Which is at the moment, zilch). So I was just at home, wallowing in my weakness, sleeping and eating and just basking in the negativity (or at least just trying but not doing anything really).

I am actually grateful that there are so many people who love me and tell me how great I am and reminding me, helping me remember who I am. I had to go through extreme fights with my mom, which made me see how I treat her when we talk (awesome realization right there).

I am especially grateful that I talked with Bruce about this. He actually didn’t do anything but just asked me this question: Who Are You? And reminded me of who I am and helping me choose how to live my life.

And I choose to be free and to let go.

I am free!

I am a passionate woman empowering the youth of the world now!
I am God’s Beautiful Creation of Light!

I reached the dawn. And I am basking in the sun.


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