Lights will guide you home

Hello World!

Hello World!

I downloaded this software on my phone and its bringing out the artist in me. ♥ I am so happy!!! ☺

I feel so blessed bringing out my inner child who loves photos and colors and vintage stuff. I think that when I just surrendered and fully accepted that what’s happening in my life is what’s supposed to happen and just simply live, my life completely fell into place. ☺ I am so lucky to have that turnaround in my life where I see myself as someone capable, and fully trusting in my capabilities.

It’s a matter really of remembering who I am, and I am God’s beautiful creation of light!

I’m just so happy to remember how great I am and I have so many awesome skills to capitalize on and that I can do ANYTHING.


Dear God, the lights did bring me home. It guided me back to you. Thank you for loving me and accepting me for who I am. And thank you for allowing me to accept me for who I am, warts and all.

Ever felt the falling in love feeling? I think what I’m feeling now is I’m falling in love with me. ♥ Such a beautiful feeling and I’m soooo happy ☺

Spread love joy and trust ♥


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