Dreams and Faith

Dreams, I mean literally, the dreams that happen when you fall asleep.

I had the strangest dream last night. It surprised me — the event in the dream, how eerie it was but also how real it felt for me. I don’t really believe that dreams are signs or what, but I just feel that this one meant something.

I know i have been to the place where I was in the dream. And apparently, I can run and I can be an action star or what. (HAHA PUN INTENDED). I remember being in that place before, knowing every nook and all the short cuts for me to get to where I want to go. I remember leading my friend with me. So what exactly was I doing in the dream? I was LITERALLY defending my faith. There were some people who were really teaching wrong doctrines to people who did not know better, and were really tricking them. And there was also this part that Jesus (in the flesh) was hidden somewhere in the Manila Cathedral. (Dreams are crazy when explained, so please remember that this is a dream and it isn’t supposed to be coherent. HAHA)

So, my friend and i were held captive and found a way to get out. Apparently, I was held hostage there before and I knew the way for us not to be seen. And we ended up to the entrance of the Cathedral and people were closing it, and I remember being held back from entering and i literally had to fight my way through it. I remember seeing this man doing a genuflect with the lectionary to get powers from it. (Swear, I didn’t know why. I feel like this was a chronicle to restore the faith). So they were threatening me and from what i recall, they didn’t know what I knew, so they were telling me that it was okay and they will lock me inside the cathedral. When they turned around, I went straight to the crypts and found a big wooden shield/fence/blockage and i was able to kick and tear it down. And there, I saw, Jesus (like he was just taken down from the cross when if He was taken down alive). I started crying and I wanted to do something — clean His wounds or make the hurting stop. And then I realized that i was also at fault, i had a contribution to the wounds he had.

… And for some weird reason, Dream me was expecting that when i touch Jesus, something would light up and make all the people remember that the people who were teaching them false teachings were wrong and they were being tricked. But apparently, that’s not how it goes. And i was panicking and crying and hoping that something would work for people to remember.

And then, I woke up.

I didn’t tell anyone about my dream until now. I guess it still freaks me out. The place being familiar and all. And what happened, and how helpless i felt.

Maybe it represents something now in my faith life? I am not so sure. If it does, I hope it’s something I can deal with still.

All i know is that 1 thing is clear: I gotta fight also for my faith, like anything else in my life.


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