Artist Heart

I believe I have this heart of a photographer. Well. Maybe a lot of people do. But I believe my special talent is that I can see the beauty of all people. (Not really bragging but I know I can)

I believe that everyone is beautiful, and I’ve been like this since I was a little kid. I remember feeling ugly cos of my weight (but there’s a solution to that now), and I tried looking at “pretty people” wanting to be like them. And then I was asking myself how come I’m not with the “pretty people”. I always somehow classified people around me (no offense meant) that they were loserish and I was such a pity to be with. (Sounds sucky but wait I’ll get to a good part). I do know that even if at the back of my head I was thinking that way, there were so many things I found beautiful with these people. And I’m kinda ashamed that I have that belief before.

And then I realized.. Maybe now that it was me who didn’t believe that I’m a beautiful person. So I attracted who I am, not what I wanted. (Hey that saying’s true).

Beauty is something subjective and I’m happy I can see beauty in everyone. I think that’s why the artist in me is such. ☺

Enjoy the photos!


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