So much power in one word. So many wonderful things that can unfold because of this word. It may be a push button word for some people, but sometimes, it can also be a word used too much to simply ignite a fire in their hearts.

I keep seeing, hearing (and also actually saying) that “Everyday is another chance, another opportunity.” When I see that, my heart immediately jumps out and just tells me face-to-face, that my day isn’t over yet.

Wonderful how this sentence comes to me in the most awesomest (sorry for the lack of a better term) way possible. This is coming from personal experience and I’m not even kidding that it did happen. Everytime I’m at my point of giving up, when I’m thisclose in giving everything up, in just quitting, I see this sentence — “Every moment is another chance.” It reminds me so magnificently of the beauty of everyday moments, of everyday opportunities. Opportunities to love, to take courage, to play full out in my life.

Right now, I believe that God’s magical way of talking with me is through that word. (Well in combination with something else. Remember this, signs are God’s messages, and I hold on to this belief).

Opportunity. Such a golden word for me now.

It’s my trigger button. It drives this light in me to grow and simply to keep it alive in my heart.


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